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you know. the olympics is a moscow before it's epic relay across the country it's a first day culminating with a capital sky lighting up in a spectacular display. the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal begins on time and according to plan of a new damascus praise from russia and even the united states although challenges away. security forces are targeted in a wave of deadly attacks across egypt just a day off to more than fifty people died in my clashes. also abduction or special libya wants answers from the us about why washington thinks it's ok to seize this citizens without telling them what they're up to.
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thanks for joining in here on our team you live with us from moscow you with me tom would say it's good to have you with us now the national torch relay for next year as all sorts of the winter olympics is in moscow before he goes on an incredible journey across of the world's largest country. the first day of the moscow leg of the olympic torch relay has wrapped up it was taken to the moscow state university campus way spectacular show was put on archie's i see it was the. the first day of moscow's leg of the sochi twenty fourteen olympic torch relay has come to an end culminated by a spectacular fireworks show here at the sparrow heels in front of the moscow state university the first day of the moscow leg of the torch relay kicked off at
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midday beside the red brick walls of the moscow kremlin and ever since then the torch bearers have been running across the russian capital carrying the torch passing the flame from one to another i myself was lucky to witness the handing over of the flame at one point right next to the moscow state university all in all this was just the first day of the moscow torch relay the relay which promises to be a truly historic one and i did a report to explain what the peculiarities of this torch relay this time will be and what's so special about it. on october the twenty ninth in the limpia handed over to russians on october the fifth in athens and delivered to moscow on the next day now the olympic flame has started its long and unique journey across the host country five time olympic champion and synchronized swimming honest i see it was chosen to be the very first torch bearer fourteen thousand more will hand the flame
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to each other in the next four months among them people of a range of profiles and backgrounds including a special be ip guest there's a lot of expectation. and in the beginning for them he's been for so long because it's been a lot of preparation. a lot of work to do when you think you know what i think you're great to get through. the twenty fourteen sochi games olympic torch relay has only just kicked off but it has already been branded as he story covering more than sixty five thousand kilometers across nearly three thousand cities towns and villages in russia it will become the longest storage relay in history and probably the most seen as well with almost one hundred thirty million. being within reachable distance of the relays route for the first time in history it will be taken for a space walk outside the international space station that's before descending to the bottom of the world's deepest lake baikal heading to the top of the world at north pole and scaling europe's highest peak russia's mountain is bruce this is
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a unique opportunity to unite the nation and a great way to explore russians themselves and because the torch. with the flame. every single city and for that moment this particular city will be the capital of the olympic games after two days in moscow the olympic torch will have further inland before ending up at the grand opening ceremony of the saudi winter olympic games in exactly one hundred and twenty two days from now. alexey russia of ski r.t. moscow. eleven target is on its epic journey to shut. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred nineteen cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand gallons. in
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a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp dick torch relay. on r t r i. a series of deadly attacks have struck security forces across egypt where violence has continued into a second day gunmen kill six soldiers in a drive by shooting in a city a hundred kilometers east of cairo a suicide attack a detonated a massive a truck bomb that ripped through the security headquarters in southern sinai peninsula three people died and more than fifty were injured in the blas to his egypt correspondent belcher. the families have gathered in front of cut the capitals main morgues and him to basically pick up the dead after a very bloody night in cairo and across the country leaving dozens dead and hundreds arrested is this all kicked off on sunday afternoon on the anniversary of the fortieth the fortieth anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy three arab
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israeli war this is largely regarded as an armed forces day a day that people celebrate the military victory. the interim president had called for egyptians to come to the streets in particular to his square right behind me on the presidential palace to basically congratulate the military and what is regarded as one of the most proud moments in egyptian history however supporters of mohamed morsi had other ideas they wanted to protest against the military not the institution itself they said but the generals they attempted to march into the square as well which was being heavily guarded by security forces security forces stopped them pretty sharply firing tear gas and bullets into the crowds there was reports of light on the mission i was there on the ground these chaotic street battles spilled over into the side downey's it was extremely bloody indeed however this is not an unusual sight it's not sadly egypt this is one of many countries that we're seeing doesn't start is no longer top news here in fact local news stations were actually more focused on the celebrations and they were on the bloody
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assault on the most of brotherhood and morsy supporters this comes up to two now if you use it to make turmoil after the two thousand levon uprising which has seen the country really become very divided between those who want to side with the military and those who want to go with them as a brotherhood another side effect of this is unfortunately a number of terrorist attacks already this morning we've heard of a massive explosion of security directorate in the sinai in south sinai magician's of five police officers shock and dismay which is in the series canal so we're seeing here is a massive massive security crisis for meanwhile the supporters of mohamed morsi refused to back down especially as they've lost so many of their relatives and friends those tournaments come back to the streets so expect to see further clashes on the horizon. political activism supporters of the muslim brotherhood and the interim government are trying to stay each other down it's a knuckle breaking situation it's a bottleneck both sides are trying to put a lot of pressure on the other until the other reaches
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a certain point of concessions that more or less puts the other party in a much stronger position now the most of brotherhood are giving more and more into the scenario of victimizing themselves they're going on the street although they haven't recently used violence but violence has been. imposed on them and they have a lot of victims in the past couple of days and in the past month or two they want to gain more sympathy locally and abroad get more in the recent developments in egypt as well as the history of a violent revolution at r.t. dot com. the destruction of syria's vast chemical arsenal has begun has begun it's been confirmed by international inspectors pressed into the country under the plan brokered by russia and the u.s. so falls going to plan a regime troops are said to be using blow torches and crushing equipment to destroy
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warheads chemical mixing install installations and rockets eliminating chemical agents there is more complicated and some toxic materials will have to be transported out of syria for disposal another issue is that rebel groups are currently refusing to cooperate with the mission with some promising to impede inspectors. if all that weren't enough of a colossal task lies ahead for inspectors they have to oversee the dismantling of hundreds of tons of chemical agents and rockets within a tight time frame while in the middle of a war zone now it was an intelligence estimate that there are forty five weapons depos around the country the damascus disputes that it says are a half of that number and that the confusion stems from the operation to hide the weapons from a u.s. strike now seven of them according to the government are located in combat zones and that makes access
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a little bit difficult as for the production facilities there are believed to be at least four of them in the country all of them under cities where fierce fighting is often reported there in homs in aleppo as well as in like dark here now inspectors are and orders to very far the destruction of these sites by november the first all or no syria is estimated to have about a thousand tons of chemical agents they include mustard gas blister agent sarin and v.x. and if they have serin gas of course that was allegedly used in a deadly assault near damascus in august live now to professor ibrahim aleutian analyst and lecturer. university in amman very good to have you with us dr now inspectors the you were so russia everyone seems very pleased at this moment with the way things are going so far you. can you please repeat the question i have a hard time hearing you the u.s.
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or russia as well as they inspect as they very pleased with the way things are going so far are you as pleased as they are. well i think that what's going on at this moment. as is that the military strike is becoming farther and farther away against syria so as far as that goes yes i am pleased i think it's a good development that helps bring about a political solution to the crisis in syria however there are many local syrian and region one players that are not very pleased with the progress that is taking place as far as getting rid of chemical weapons this concern so that's the main bone of contention by now they are not only refusing to cooperate with the e.u. and mission they have openly said that they're not interested in attending the
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geneva two conference for resolving this problem politically so don't sell as he says and then who would just say is not peace. well there are several local groups that have said they don't think that the resolution there mounding that the smuggling of syrian chemical weapons and syria is a step in the right direction basically all the main groups within the syrian opposition. the free syrian army or the syrian syrian national council have said that they would have preferred a military strike against syria instead of having syria peacefully remove its cusses of chemical weapons so these people there are still going on they and they are committing crimes on the ground and trying to sabotage
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a new prospect for a political solution and the horizon doctor there only if thirty inspectors and intelligence on a storage site is a it is a little bit sketchy at best how do you begin to vary if i the hundred and four thousand tons of chemical weapon weapons with just such a few men power. well the first thing we have to remember is that this mission is being undertaken. a state of war so this is one of the most dangerous missions to be undertaken for this month tellings such unconventional weapons as far as verification goes i think even the united states has the blood through or. carry them the secretary of state john kerry is that this is the syrian regime the syrian state has shown its
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sincerity and implementing the resolution two thousand one hundred and eighteen as far as that goes syria as walking out on the limb to abide by this resolution dr thank you very much professor abraham aloose there an analyst and lecturer at as i today university in amman and joining us here on r.t. . by serious cooperation in giving up if they chemical arms has earned it praise and not just from russia but even tacit applause from the united states of the foreign minister solve the two all policy met on the sidelines of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in body paul scott is the forty confirmation that came that disarmament of syria's chemical weapons stockpile has already begun it was only ten days ago that the united nations none as you know honestly passed a resolution on syria's chemical weapons stockpiles and u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that it's a record breaking process to get to this stage so soon and russian's foreign
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minister sergey lavrov says that damascus is fully complying with the international community he's doing all these weeks after syria joined the chemical weapons convention mask it has been working jointly with the international inspectors we hope this will continue on in the future while u.s. secretary of state john kerry also says the syrian government deserves credit for the so far smooth process no one had been hoped that u.s. president barack obama. in russian president vladimir putin would have been able to have a one on one meeting on the fringes of this economic summits however of course president obama was forced to cancel his trip to asia because of the ongoing financial problems in the united states and the continuing shutdown that his place is being taken by secretary of state john kerry who says that washington now believes there is no military solution to the conflict in syria. we agree again that there is no military solution here we share an interest in not having radical
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extremists on either side of any. assuming a greater. status or position in syria and that is why we recommitted today with very specific efforts to move the geneva process as rapidly as possible now it was undoubtedly a productive meeting between the two sides with kerry said it's been the most productive meeting in recent months between lavrov and himself and attention now turns to the possibility of a geneva two peace conference where it's hoped that by the syrian government all representatives of the syrian government on the syrian opposition will sit around the table for peace talks so says that he can get a delegation from the syrian government from damascus around the table in. the anticipated date for these talks and kerry says he's hopeful that he can do likewise with the syrian opposition. the world's largest oil does. has taken lives in the british scottish independence rousing you can imagine at
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a future without london when i was asian has extensive ties with the u.k. and its biggest export has a big fans of british weapons a london correspondent told me why opec swaying in. the british government's got tight links to opec and in fact the british government sells arms export licenses to a number of its member states including saudi arabia so for critics it's hardly a surprise that opec is trying in along with westminster in dismissing the idea for scottish independence and the opec secretary general general abdalla. who happens to be a former minister under colonel gadhafi he's firmly rejected the notion for scottish independence the head of the oil cartel said that there isn't much oil left in scotland anyway and he's dismissed the idea of an independent edge imbra ever coming under the umbrella of opec which controls one third of the world's oil supply he said that the interests of both london and edinburgh are both under the
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umbrella of the united kingdom which is all likely to be a blow for the pro independence camp in scotland a big part of the scottish nationalist independence campaign hinges on the notion that the oil reserves above the scottish border are going to be what makes the scottish independence campaign viable while the idea of scottish independence viable the scottish national party has even estimated that oil reserves could account for up to three hundred thousand pounds per every scot put into some estimates ninety percent of the u.k.'s ordeal is actually located in the north sea in scotland we've had the per independence campaign in scotland really queues in westminster of waging a campaign called project fear to scare scots off taking the yes box when it comes to the scottish independence referendum even the newspaper where the interview with mr badgery appeared it's the telegraph which is closely aligned to the conservative party i spoke to
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a scot in london recently who told me that regardless of where you weigh in on which side of the independents camp you weigh in on the lengths to which westminster has been going to over the past six months even to fear. or to scare scots into thinking about the consequences if they vote for independence is almost humorous with politicians in westminster saying that scotland would have to reapply for its new membership if it broke away from the united kingdom that they might not afford to have a postal service or that they wouldn't have enough money to create a proper armed forces so both camps are engaged in a real propaganda battle at the moment we're seeing lots of different facts and figures and statistics it's very about from both sides and at the moment it's difficult to tell where the truth lies the leader of the scottish national party is challenging british prime minister david cameron to a debate on the forney issue of independence so far some and software has been met with silence from number ten and more now with angus macneil who's it's not
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a national himself like you for joining us if what opec says it is true and that north sea oil is depleted how would skogland ward its independence. i think first thing i have to say is that i don't think views will matter very much regimental picks a club of twelve states six in the middle east for in africa and two in south america has no european membership or so ever i think the question you're asking is who is calling for its independence while scotland has about one hundred eighteen percent of the g.d.p. of the u.k. it has ninety five percent of the oil and only a year last february david cameron himself came to scotland and said in the clearfield a lot in one oil field there was fifty year supply left when the when the mood changes the student changes but you know i didn't really think with the views of the head of who pick out of whatever it might be for foreign minister colonel
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gadhafi supporters would really matter very much in scotland. i mean given that you don't matter but the fact is they ahd twelve oil producing nations under this organization who the they do have facts and figures do you think that they are wrong do you think there's more than that and is this one way of you going independent is this how you selling yourself so say we have this reserves and we are going to go independent regardless of what anybody else. well as a matter for the scottish people and i hope the scottish people will make the right choice on the eighteenth of september next year but you know the membership of. this is the afternoon and i thought you know it is the new policy of opec that countries shouldn't be shouldn't get their independence and will these members of opec want to be returning to the formal imperial masters i think they want and i think they're quite happy with with that independence and you know as a result of that government itself will be coming to live in
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a world no one once we had fifty independent entities and most of them what empires no way for two hundred independent states and the world is a better place as a result of that scotland is going to follow a natural and normal pattern and scotland can well afford to independence and number six above all these opec states i think in the world and well frankly it's so i want to have to decide why what is so fake not at all just part of a narrative that's why i want to take this and come out into why would they come out and say that it's all going to come out in support of britain which isn't even a member that one is baffling and bizarre on the head of all because the one hundred until this morning said something he always imagined the u.k. was together and can't imagine scotland or england being independent country so really i think we're getting don't. maybe he's challenged in the imagination stakes because if he was so challenged the imagination the berlin wall would never fall in venezuela would still be part of spain
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a major european empires would still exist on the continent of africa terrible and wrong thing so you know whatever the imagination issues that are within within opec i'm pretty sure that they will manage to cope with the reality of scottish independence i'm sure that a versatile and capable organization and what scotland does become independent or pick we'll have we'll just roll with the real politics and accept with a big smile mr mcneil i'm going to have to wrap it up there but thank you very much for your thoughts on that scottish national party m.p. and good like you very much for joining us here on r.t. . right i'll have more international news after the break to stay with us. we know how to do banking it should be like infrastructure to support the economy it shouldn't be for the benefit of it leads to think they're above the law as we currently have. delivered george is
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on an epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through to some nine hundred cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. olympic torch relay. on our. wealthy british soil it's time to. go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report on are.
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you still watching r t for more international news to libya is demanding an explanation from the u.s. why its forces kidnapped one of their citizens that's how aaa describes sunday's a capture of a suspect in the one thousand nine hundred american embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania the libyan government says they see the operation as a clear violation of sovereignty defense consulted to morrow and told us that of the u.s. things it has the right to meddle in other countries a face. it's extremely dangerous policy that a one governments in the world can intervene in any other country sovereign state invaded afghanistan without a un resolution they invaded iraq without a un resolution they attempted to carry out air strikes against syria recently without un resolution so it's an extremely dangerous policy and it makes the whole world a dangerous place with. with their policy in place for his part secular state kerry
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has defended capturing a libya as quote legal and appropriate target what puts him in that category well they claim that under a two thousand and one u.s. law they can capture anyone anywhere in the world they can enter any sovereign territory and arrest anyone but what's what's amazing about this story really is that this individual lived in the u.k. in the ninety's. he was also involved with the attempted assassination of hosni mubarak the then president of egypt but he was also aided allegedly aided by m i six britain's security services to assassinate the revolutionary guard daffyd the the then head of leader of for libya and of during all this time he was given the size of political asylum in the u.k. . he also found time to plan the bombings of the embassies in tanzania and
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kenya. most of the world the main news this hour a series of apparently called native bombings have rocked baghdad reportedly killing up to seventy two people more than one hundred others have been injured at least one car bombs there and both sides of isis are thought to have been detonated mostly in share areas of the sunni neighborhoods were also hit iraq's a daily sectarian violence has killed almost a thousand ppi. bull in the last month. a crowd estimated at up to six hundred thousand has turned out in jerusalem for the funeral of influential israeli rabbi and scholar of idea use that in one thousand year old spiritual leader of the shas party was regarding his father was as the greatest living scholar of jewish religious nor his death leaves the party without a kiss successor and a battle ahead to become leader. powerful typhoon feet tall which is
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hammering it in china has now forced more than half a million people to flee to safety soldiers are helping the evacuation and building levees strong winds and flooding have disrupted to travel and brought down power lines two people have been confirmed dead so far the toll is the twenty third time to hit china this year and follow some soggy which killed twenty five people in the south. up next of the repercussions of america's government shutdown in sophie code . i recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they're writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting out either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system the situation didn't explode onto the
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internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that one company does have a crop in pig farming plant design utilize ninety percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners buying leave ukraine constantly been lifted although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting a rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture might not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former. glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe and gave that status back could really help the country but selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is one thing but selling or leasing off your country is another and by another i mean treason but that's just my opinion.


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